Stagecoach: The Texas Jack (2017)

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After retiring from his life as an outlaw, ranch owner Nathaniel Reed (Trace Adkins) quietly leads an honest existence with his devoted wife, Laura Lee. But his gun-slinging past suddenly comes back to haunt him when he learns that the man he once maimed during a stagecoach robbery is now a U.S. Marshal (Kim Coates) who will stop at nothing to find vengeance. After a violent shootout brings tragic consequences, Nathaniel returns to his old ways and becomes Texas Jack: the most wanted outlaw in the West. Judd Nelson also stars in this action-packed quest for redemption filled with galloping getaways, a beautiful bounty hunter and the possibility of a second chance.


  1. Doc Forrester
  2. Nathaniel Reed
  3. Calhoun
  4. Sid
  5. Laura Lee Reed
  6. Bonnie Mudd
  7. Frank Bell
  8. Hank Holliday


04 Nov 2017

Movie Review:

Well as there were no reviews I started to watch this film as I like the genre. I’m generally very tolerant reviewing movies and was prepared to give it a chance. However after 10 minutes I could give no more!
The acting is pretty naff and the shooting scenes (at least those I saw) were pretty poorly done. I usually sit through really crap movies just to see if they get better, but there was no way this looked like it was going to improve.

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