Bad Moms Christmas (2016)

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Amy, Carla and Kiki struggle to cope when their respective mothers visit for the holidays.

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It’s easy to be sceptical about the fact that this inherently female story is being told by the two directors behind the very male comedy The Hangover –  but Bad Moms feels like its heart is in the right place. It’s firmly on the side of its three female protagonists, and manages to land its central message – that no parent is perfect and that it’s not just okay but imperative put yourself first sometimes – with easy charm and real emotion. Even its main villain, Regina George-like PTA leader Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate), is eventually treated sympathetically.

That said, Bad Moms ultimately falls down by not going far enough. The level of perfection displayed by Kunis’s character at the start of the film is so ridiculously high – do any working mothers really make their children hot breakfasts every day? – and her cyber-cheating husband and layabout boss so undeniably appallingly, that her subsequent venture into “badness” feels comparatively restrained.

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