Angels in Exile (English 2016) Download Full Movie

Angels in Exile (English 2016) Download Full Movie




With former street kids behind the camera ‘Give Us This Day’ provides an authentic and intimate look into the lives of Durban, South Africa’s most visible members. In search of better lives, these kids find only a world of prostitution, drug addiction, and extreme violence. In an attempt to escape her abusive family, Zuleika, age 9, leaves the home of her mentally ill mother. As she attempts to distance herself from her past, we see her turn to a life of prostitution. With the streets taking control, Zuleika is unexpectedly impregnated. Making it through the pregnancy may be her only answer to a better life. Ariel is a charismatic boy caught in a world of gangsters, thievery, and drug addiction. Confined within the inherent ills of the streets, he must overcome his glue-huffing and find his way back to his family. As their innocence is ripped away, all we can do is watch this gut wrenchingly true story unfold. Our hope lies in the hands of former street children to reach these kids ..


Country: USA | South Africa
Language: English
Release Date: 25 March 2016 (USA)
Also Known As: Angels in Exile
Filming Locations: South Africa
Director: Billy Raftery
Writers: Jesse Atlas, Billy Raftery
Star: Charlize Theron



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